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Heavy Duty Shredders

Heavy Duty Shredders

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  • Government Sectors
  • large Business use

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Heavy Duty Shredder Machine Price

Heavy Duty Shredder Machine Price Powerline FA400.2s Strip Cut 

Sheet Capacity 130 Sheets
Can Shred Paper, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Staples
Bin Capacity 104 Gallons
Size  (L x W x H) cm 61 7/10″ x 45.5″ x 65″

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Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder

Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder SMBZ7

Shredding Capacity (Per Day) 2500kgs
Can Shred Confidential Debit Card, Smart Card, Secured Card, Cash Card, Travel Card, International Credit Card, Co-Branded Card, Affinity Cards
Bin Capacity 150 liters
Size  (L x W x H) cm 155 x 120 x 130

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