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A Paper Shredder has become a necessity in today’s world and business owners need them to securely destroy confidential documents. Contact us If you are planning to buy a paper shredder for your office, factory, or commercial use. Or if you need a paper shredder on rent

Our Shredmac™ range of industrial paper shredders are know to destroy huge quantities to know more please check this website also, and do not hesitate if you need any more information to help you select the right machine.

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We focus to provide paper shredder with the latest technology and come with several features such as silent, safe sense, safety lock, and jam blocker etc. which are very useful for customer environments.

We have a wide range of models from office use to industrial capacities of 50 to 500 sheets. We offer multiple additional solutions such as automatic feeding, discharge and baling systems.


Our technicians have years of experience resolving all kinds of shredder machine REPAIR issues such as:

  • Shredder machine not switching ON
  • Paper Jam
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Changing parts
  • Motor burn-out
  • Replacement of damaged gears.
  • Machine making loud, unusual noises
  • And so much more…so if you need to get your existing shredder repaired we are there for you!