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The specification after ATM machine to shred in the hands

  • Maximum shredding sheet capacity : 6/4
  • Dimensions(mm) : W200×D200×H830(mm)


  • One cut crossing
  • The Green Purchasing Law conformity goods


The first “MS shredder corresponding to internal control” birth in domestic!

  • Maximum shredding sheet capacity : 55sheets
  • Dimensions(mm) : W500×D555×H850(mm)


  • Spiral cut
  • Function for automatic cut standby power
  • Entrance slot automatic opening-and-closing mechanism
  • Fan press
  • A3 paper acceptable
  • The Green Purchasing Law conformity goods

Ink Ribbon Shredder

Cannot throws away
If card printing is carried out, the printing back will remain in an ink ribbon.
The information which remains is physically destroyed by a shredder.

shredding information is also managed.
A log remains “who” and “when” shred processing was carried out.
It is an indispensable function in order to ensure processing of critical information.

More Severe security

Cooperation with other apparatus is possible.
If you make it cooperate by surveillance camera, an entrance gate, etc. and an IC card, still more positive processing is possible.