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kores Cross Cut Paper Shredder 832

Kores 832 Easy Cut Paper Shredder


Kores 832 Easy Cut Paper Shredder

  • An advertently designed cross-cut shredder which easily converts paper into small pieces of confetti.
  • It has a P4 level of security ensuring the safety of your sensitive documents.
  • Each of its shred cycles is 40 minutes.
  • It Shreds 12 sheets papers at one pass.
  • It is easy to use and exceptionally silent during operation.
  • A heavy duty paper shredder with an overload/overheat protection function.
  • It has a multicolored body with a standby LED light.
  • It has a big bin capacity of 14L with a full indicator feature.
  • Caster wheels help in moving it easily from one place to another place as per your convenience.
  • It has a separate slot for CDs shred, and it shreds credit cards, paper clips etc along with the papers.

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