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Kobra Cyclone Heavy Book Shredder machineKobra Cyclone Heavy Book Shredder machine

Kobra Cyclone Industrial Paper | Book Shredder | Paper Shredders

kobra Paper Shredder Company


Kobra Cyclone Industrial Paper | Book Shredder

Main Features

  • No oiling of cutting knives. No lubrication. Easy to use without any maintenance operation.
  • Innovative shredding system based on a turbine combined with high speed rotating blades.
  • Manual Start/Automatic Stop with Stand-by function, Automatic Stop with light signal for a bag full.
  • 5 different Security Levels, 100-gallon bag volume, the Rear window for easy checking of waste bag level.
  • Integrated vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with a clean and dust free shredding environment.

Can Shred:

Kobra Cyclone Book Shredder

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