intimus 005S

The intimus 005S deploys the patented DATAgrindTM technology which grinds the data layer on any optical media down to 250 microns – beyond the point of forensic recovery. In less than one minute, all data on a CD/DVD or Blu-Ray disc is eliminated completely andpermanently. All that remains is a fine dust that is collected by the built-in evacuation system.Intimus 005S is flexible to use and easy to operate. CDs and Blu-Rays can be processed in only one step. DVDs need to be split before the data destruction and are processed in two steps. After grinding, the remains of the discs are recyclable as Polycarbonate.

  • Simple one button operation
  • Fast, safe and complete erasure in only one go
  • Portable for direct use at office environments


Grinding µm: 250
Erasing time first hard drive sec: < 30 sec.
Cycle time repetitive cycle: < 30 sec.
Supply voltage (Volt): 230 Volt
Noise level: 65 db(A)
Weight gross (kg): 3,2 kg
Weight net (kg): 2,5 kg
Width (cm): 26 cm
Depth (cm): 23 cm
Height (cm): 11 cm
Security level DIN 66 399 O-6


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