intimus 1000

The intimus® 1000 physically destroys the hard disk drive by bending, breaking and mangling the components of the drive.When it has done its work, data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the hard disk drive housing is cracked and the PCB boards are broken. This hard disk drive crusher is the optimal complement to put the finishing touches on your degaussing process.As it does not rely on software, it is able to destroy all kinds of hard drives regardless of size, operating system or interface. With an included auto height detection system the intimus® 1000 is able to destroy even multiple hard disk drives in a single sequence.

  • Proven Destruction
  • Intuitive Use
  • Fast and Reliable


Destruction system: Physical Destruction
Electicaly Driven Wedge
Working Cycle: 10 seconds Destroy Cycle
20 seconds Full Cycle
Max. Throughput: up to 180 cycles/hour
Media: 1 Hard Disk Drive Full Size (1.66″ / 2″)
2 Hard Disk Drives Standard Size (1″)
6 Laptop Hard Disk Drives within one working cycle
Temperature range: +5 – 40 °C
Humidity range: 10 – 40 %H
Supply voltage (Volt): 230 Volt
Power consumption: 1.2 A
Width (cm): 40 cm
Depth (cm): 18 cm
Height (cm): 35 cm
Weight gross (kg): 36 kg
Weight net (kg): 30 kg
Security level DIN 66 399 H-3 / E-1


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