intimus HDD Granulator

Using the unique Hybrid Technology, the intimus dual shaft disintegrator makes perfect use of both shredding and disintegration.Designed for industrial applications, the shredding section is equipped with 30 mm wide knives from special tool steel and a robust electric geared drive. Knives are hardened to special specification and use a special geometry to provide for perfect processing of HDD and other media. Via the feeding slot located in the top cover, media can be continuously fed to the cutting block. Once shredded, the remaining particles run through the installed disintegration screen enabling the system to offer a practical throughput of 22 to 50 HDD per hour at low wear and energy consumption.As with the regular Single Shaft Disintegrators, users have the option of installing a screen with a different mesh size to adapt the final granule size to the required demand. As a standard, mesh sizes of 6, 8 or 10 mm are available.

  • Processes common 2.5”, 3.5” and 5.25” HDD, video cassettes, carbon tapes, printed circuit boards, CD-ROM, DDS and DLT tapes to 30 mm wide pieces
  • Fully automatic function control
  • Convenient collection of the shreds in a commercial wheelie bin (not included)


Grinding µm: 6, 8, 10, 30 mm
Capacity (envelopes/min): approx. 22 units 3.5” HDD at 6 mm h
Cutting zone (mm): 380×500 mm
Motor Power kW: 3,0 kW
Control: Moeller easy 512 PLC
Noise level: 82 db(A)
Supply voltage (Volt): 400 Volt
Width (cm): 130 cm
Depth (cm): 130 cm
Height (cm): 208 cm
Weight gross (kg): 1200 kg
Weight net (kg): 1060 kg


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