intimus PacMate

Packaging Material Shredder PacMate: a compact table top machine producing high-quality free-of-charge packaging material, economically and reliably converts cardboard cartons into large-volume stuffing mats for packing the most sensitive goods for transport. The expensive disposal of used cardboard is eliminated.

  • Manual ON/OFF control
  • Sheet steel housing



Pad grid: 3,8 x 112 mm
Cutting capacity Cartons: 1 (4 mm) Layer/s
Capacity (m³): 1,2 m³/h
Cutting feed width: 400
Cutter feed height: 10 mm
Cutting speed (m/sec.): 0,13 m/sec.
Power consumption (kW): 1,1 kW
Supply voltage (Volt): 230 Volt
Noise level: 62 – 68 db(A)
Weight gross (kg): 39 kg
Weight net (kg): 38 kg
Width (cm): 53 cm
Depth (cm): 30 cm
Height (cm): 38 cm


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