intimus VZM 19.00 Cross Cut 11.8mm w3ith Magnet Seprator

11,8 x 15-55 mm / DIN 66 399 Security level P-2 / O-2 / T-2 / E-2
A modular system for customised solutions: High performance shredders for professional use in waste management, high throughput from 600 up to 2,100 kg/h with low energy consumption, security level 3 resp. 4 per DIN 32757-1 with certificate, minimal personnel requirements thanks to fully automatic operation, system components, as well as configuration and expansion by means of a modular concept, allow for adaption to your individual requirements. Extensive assortment of accessories available on request.

  • SPS control with display
  • Auto Stop/Reverse/Restart
  • Conveyor belt with pre-shredder


Cutting size paper (mm) 11,8 x 15-55 mm
Security level DIN 32757-1 3
Security level DIN 66 399 P-2 / O-2 / T-2 / E-2
Motor Power kW: 24,0 kW
Supply voltage (Volt): 400 Volt
Weight gross (kg): 3370 kg
Weight net (kg): 3140 kg
Actual through-put (kg/h): 1000
Dimensions In-Line set-up (L/W/H): 710x105x340
Dimensions Angular set-up 90°: 470x370x340
Gepruefte Sicherheit CE

120+ Persons shreds paperclips shreds CDs shreds credit cards shreds floppy disks 3.5 inch shreds complete files




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