Kobra 400 WB Cross Cut

entralized shredder – shreds Documents, EDP and Waste from Office Baskets – cross cut

Designed to shred computer prints-outs documents as well as paper coming from the waste baskets of an entire office floor: just insert the paper into the dedicated throat or to empty the waste basket into the large hopper, and the impressive cutting knives, which are fed through an automatic feeding system with mechanical revolving flaps, shred everything into small chips: for great security and bulk reduction of the shredded material.


Throat width: 400 mm
Shred size: 3,9x40mm cross cut
Paper Capacity: 44-48 A4/70gr; 40-42 A4/80gr sheet
Security Level DIN 6399: P-4 O-3 T-4 E-3 F-1
SecurityLevel DIN 2757: 3
Shreddable material: Paper, Crumpled paper, Credit Cards, Credit Cards with chip, CD/DVD, Floppy, Film, USB pen drive
Speed: 0,12 m/sec
Noise Level(idle/shredding): 59/65 dba
Bin Capacity: 200 liter steel cabinet
Dimensions (WxDxH): 60x48x163cm
Net Weight: 132kg


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