PAPER SHREDDERS has become the topmost shredder-selling and manufacturing company because of its impeccable sales and service record. We manufacture all types of shredding machine and we have also a complete range of shredders from the worlds leading brands all from the only shredder superstore. We have an experienced team of trained technical professionals who can efficiently design a shredder as per your exact requirements. Here you get the best paper shredder machine for your any kind of business and trade all over the world.


We provide the finest Paper Shredder Machine for keeping your business documents safe within affordable cost. We also provide out-of-the-box shredder machine solutions. We are a company that is totally customer-centric and works hard to achieve total customer satisfaction with the best shredder.


We are headquartered in Mumbai to provide the greatest waste paper shredder machine. Our company has earned a reputable name in multiple regions such as Europe, UAE, West and Central Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and many more.


You can contact us at any time for advice on purchasing the best paper shredder machine for you, to shred confidential documents of office, home, or industry at an amazing price. The quality of our shredding machines constantly improves as per our customer feedback.


PAPER SHREDDERS use top-notch materials and components to make the shredder machines as per customer requirements. Complete metal construction ensures robustness and long-life. All shredding machine after-sales issues are taken care of promptly and satisfactorily.

Who are we?

A PAPER SHREDDERS is a division of SHREDDERS AND SHREDDING Co. We have been in this business for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing the widest range of paper shredders from the world’s best brands. Our range starts from the small personal shredders and goes on increasing to large industrial machines. Furthermore, you get superb support and maintenance all over the world. Our complete focus is on providing outstanding infrastructure with the help of current technology and modern machines for a small, medium or large business.

What do we offer?

The real question you need to ask here is what data destruction product we don’t offer!

  • Paper Shredder Machine
  • Industrial Shredder Machine
  • Heavy Duty Shredder Machine
  • Industrial Shredder Machine
  • Hard Drive Degausser
  • Hard Drive Shredding Machine
  • Crushing Machine
  • Cardboard Shredder Machine
  • Commercial Shredder Machine
  • Plastic | Pet Bottle Shredder Machine

with the ready availability of spares.


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