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Industrial Waste Shredder MachineIndustrial Waste Shredder

Industrial Waste Shredder

Industrial Waste Shredder (SMBZ7)

Advance Features:

We are one of the best reputed Industrial Waste Shredder Manufacturing company in India. Manufacture all size of the Industrial waste shredder machine. You can Check our customer reviews in the last section on this page.

We focus on quality because we believe that “Shredder Life is Matters“.

  • Super Silent
  • Destroys a full bag in seconds
  • No cutter sharpening required
  • Low dust generation
  • Shredded material easy to handle and process.
  • Less power consumption – Energy efficient motor
  • Anti Jamming / Auto Reverse Tech from Schneider (Germany)
  • Robust all steel one-piece assembly – no chains and belts!
  • Heavy Duty – Capable of running for a whole day, without rest
  • Easily Movable – Installed with wheels
  • 100% work safe with all electrical and operational safeguards