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Heavy Duty Paper Shredder for document shreddingHeavy Duty CD Shredder machine for destroying optical data

Heavy Duty CD Shredder SMBZ2

Heavy Duty CD Shredder SMBZ2


  • Shredding Bin Capacity: 100 liters
  • Shredding Capacity (Per day): 1000 kgs
  • Net Weight: 180 kgs, Dimension (L x W x H cm) : 147 x 110 x 126
  • Shredding Noise/Speed: Low, Security: High
  • SMBZ2 Shredder Quality: Finest Quality, Designed for easy operation
  • Easy to understand and use controls, switch for On/Off and reverse function for safety and performance in case of overload.
  • Trouble-free Shredding

Watch Demo: SMBZ2 Heavy Duty CD Shredder