Hard Drive Shredder

Hard Drive Shredder | Hard Disk Shredder | SMBZ5

Main Features:

  • This shredder is especially suitable for shredding all kinds of Desktop/laptop/PC hard drive /hard disk parts, HDD.
  • Low Shredding time and low noise.
  • Using electrical control security system design to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Special designed cutter (Shaft) with high strength and long life shredding.
  • Can be customized according to customer’s special requests.
  • High capacity and best performance.
  • Maintenance-free, No cutter sharpening required, Low dust generation
  • Less Electric power consumption – Energy efficient motor
  • Robust all-steel one-piece assembly – no chains and belts!
  • Heavy Duty – Capable of running continuously for a whole day 24*7, without rest
  • Easily Movable – Installed with wheels
  • 100% work safe with all electrical and operational safeguards

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Model SMBZ5
Shred Hard Drive
Motor Power 5HP
Rotor-knives Diameter 169mm
Rotor-knives Thickness 34.5mm
Shaft width 105mm
Rotor-knives number 3 pcs
Stator-knives number 3 pcs
Flakes size (width) 25*40 mm
Capacity (Stand hard drive) 450 pcs/hr
Capacity (Server hard drive) 285 pcs/hr
Weight 1000kgs
Dimensions L*W*H(inch) 25″ x 33″ x 48″



Nowadays technology has become extremely advanced. Today’s world depends on technology. They upgrade very fast. Securely save all information on the cell phone or hard drive. Every day we generate tonnes of electronic data.

The hard drive is the main important of them. And most of the people, the company have store confidential, Sensitive information, someone uses software to erase all save data from the hard drive. This way just only deletes the directories but the actual data will remain in the Hard Drive, all data can be restored again. So physically destroying is the only 100% secure way to destroy all data from hard drive permanently.

Perfect | High Capacity Hard Drive Shredder:

This Shredder is perfect to shred | destroy all data from hard drive permanently. It destroys completely securely into small pieces. Shredding capacity is 450 pieces per hour.

It shreds & destroys all data ensuring complete protection from misuse. We manufacture our machines using the best materials and components. We also develop and manufacture customized shredder machines based on specifications received from the client.

We have sold this shredder in many countries without any negative review. We have got appreciation from customers and they satisfied with a shredder.

This Shredder specially designed for shredding all kinds of Desktop/laptop/PC Hard Drive, Hard Disk, Disk Parts, and HDD.

This shredder can easily Shred:

  • Cell Phone, Tablet, Router etc.
  • Hard Drive, Hard Disk, Floppy Disc so on depend upon shredding chamber.

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