Heavy Duty Shredders

Heavy Duty Shredders

Get the best for shredding large quantities of confidential documents. We sell the perfect shredder as per your business needs.

Shredders come with the following features:

  • Sheet capacity
  • Great Shred Speed
  • Category: Industry, Department
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, Cross Cut
  • Security Level: P-2 / P-3
  • Can Punch: Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit/Store Cards, CDS/DVDs, USB Flash Drives
  • Maximum Run Time: 365 Days 24/7 Continuously
  • High Capacity Bin Volume


Looking for Heavy Duty Shredders with the high capacity Shredding?

We are here to sell the best heavy-duty shredders for shred sensitive documents.

Heavy Duty Shredders

These Shredders are the best for Industrial, Commercial, Offices, Organizational, and Government Sector uses where high volume papers available for shredding.

Heavy Duty Shredders Easily Deal With (Can Shred)

Office paper | Annual Report | Magazines | Cheques | Packing Paper | Hard Files | Ledger | Cardboard | Vouchers | Old Newspaper | Old Books | Laminated Papers | Paper Clips etc converting them into strips, Cross-Cut size in a matter of time. This shredding ability makes it a P-2 / P-3 security standard shredders, which is enough for any types of Industries, Organisation, Offices requirements.

Get your Product delivered, as soon as the short sale process has been completed.

Offer Price:

Get Heavy Duty Shredders at the Best price with Attractive Discount compare to Other Suppliers.

What Customer Says about our Shredder/ Services?

Read their amazing reviews here.

Paper Shredders Manufacturers also provide the following Services:

  • On-Site and Off-Site Shredding
  • Shredder Machines on Rent / Hire
  • Sale Crinkle Papers for Packaging Use


Industrial Document Shredder Machine Industrial Document Shredder Machine Onsite-shredding-Job

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If you have any query-related Heavy Duty Shredders or Other Shredders connect with our professional’s engineers. Who always available to help you.

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