Shredder for old files destruction

Old files need to be destroyed to make way for current records, what is the point in keeping records over 10 years, these files can be shredded in our industrial shredder on hire, sort check and shred as and when you want.

Shredder at your home

If you need to get old personal papers shredded but the home shredder of course is not enough, call us and we shall deliver a machine for your use, either that or you can bring it to our place and get it shredded in front of you for FREE! Also it is best to buy a small shredder if you need it regularly

A shredder machine fits in office corner easily

Long term Paper Shredder rental for your office

As a policy you don’t prefer CAPEX , are you looking for a shredder for long term use, free of all hassles and machine always in good working condition, different capacity machines are available at very reasonable rentals for long term use. Can be installed anywhere in India with full service backup. Check out our regular shredder for sale also

Regular Shredding service required

We also offer a complete package for shredding your old files, our people with the shredder will come to your office as and when needed (charges are on call basis) and get the job done fast and clean. We also offer locked shredding boxes to be kept in the office and our shredding and clearing service once a week or month as needed.

When it comes to securely disposing of sensitive documents, renting a paper shredder can offer numerous benefits. One common question that arises is whether it’s best to rent a small machine or opt for a high-use machine.

Renting a small machine can be an ideal choice for individuals or small businesses with occasional shredding needs. It provides the convenience of having a shredder on hand whenever necessary without the hassle of storage or maintenance.

On the other hand, choosing a high-use machine rental is recommended for organizations that have large volumes of documents to shred regularly. These machines are designed to handle heavy workloads and can efficiently shred large quantities of paper in a shorter span of time.

By opting for either option, you can ensure the secure disposal of confidential information while saving costs on purchasing and maintaining your own shredder equipment. Renting allows you to have access to the right type and size of shredder that suits your specific needs, providing peace of mind and convenience in managing document destruction efficiently.

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