Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder

Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder

Feature Highlights

* Bin Capacity: 23 Liter
* 5.3 feet/minute shred speed
* 60-minute runtime
* Library Quiet motor 62dB
* 1-year warranty on all parts
* Durable steel micro cut blades
* on / off switch and Reverse Forward button
* Reverse, Overheat and Ready light indicators
* Pull-out wastebasket for simple waste disposal
* Comes with 4 casters for easy mobility


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Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder


Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder


Shred types Micro-cut
Shred size 5/32x 2/5 inches (4 ×10mm)
Sheet Capacity 12 sheets (75g A4)
Continuous shred capacity 60 minutes
Noise Level 62 dB (A)
Bin Capacity 6 Gallon
Cool-down time 10 mints
Security level P-4
Shred function Paper /Staples
Over-heating protection Yes
Auto start/reverse Yes
Shredding speed 5.3 feet/minute
Dimensions 14.2” x 11.2” x 21.5”


Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder


The Bonsaii C149-D Shredder is a high quality and library quiet multi-purpose 12-sheet Micro-cut paper shredder. It only accepts paper, Medium duty motor can shred 5.3 feet per minute. 8.7″ paper entry can accept letter and original/legal-size documents. Quiet motor dampens feeding and shredding noise.

Patented Technology: 60 Minutes Continuous Duty Running Time
Yes, that’s right. You never heard wrong. The Bonsaii C149-D EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder can chew up papers for continuous 60 minutes. You never feel so easy to get back to your life with the peace of mind that personal information is secure.

No Hassle and Easy Operation:
With patented balding technology, Bonsaii C149-D EverShred Continuous Duty Paper Shredder can shred up to 12 sheets of A4 size at a time. When AUTO is selected, the shredding process is started automatically without press start key. After completing its process through the feed, the shredder will stop automatically without press stop key.

Main Features:

  • Power: 60 minutes continuous running time, shreds 12 sheets of A4 size paper(80 gsm) at a time
  • Safety: Tearing up paper into 4mm x 10mm tiny pieces, reaches P-4 security level, protects your private information
  • Protection: Auto start/stop and manual reverse, equipped with thermal protection with light indicators to warn you if it is overheated or overloaded
  • High-capacity: 23-litre pull-out bin with a transparent window, easy to emptying when it is full
  • Warranty: Bonsaii guarantees your benefit of the 1-year limited warranty, suitable for 230V voltage


If you have any question-related Bonsaii EverShred Continuous Paper Shredder contact our professional engineers.

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