Heavy Duty CD Shredder SMBZ2

Heavy Duty CD Shredder SMBZ2


  • Shredding Bin Capacity: 100 liters
  • Shredding Capacity (Per day): 1000 kgs
  • Net Weight: 180 kgs, Dimension (L x W x H cm) : 147 x 110 x 126
  • Shredding Noise/Speed: Low, Security: High
  • SMBZ2 Shredder Quality: Finest Quality, Designed for easy operation
  • Easy to understand and use controls, switch for On/Off and reverse function for safety and performance in case of overload.
  • Trouble-free Shredding

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Heavy Duty CD Shredder SMBZ2


Double shaft shredder SMBZ2
Motor Siemens
Power 2hp
Voltage 220V/430V/50Hz
Throat Width (mm) 430
Blade Diameter 90mm
Equipment Dimensions L*W*H(cm) 147X110X126
Equipment Weight 180kg
Hopper Opening L*W*H (mm) 17 inches
Final Product 10-15mm
Cutting capacity (Per day) 1000kgs
Sheet Capacity 35
Duty cycle (on / off) Continuous 24Hours
Waste bin capacity 100 litres


Product Overview:

This SMBZ2 Heavy Duty CD Shredder will destroy confidential, Documentary CDs, 1000kgs per day. Cut size 10mm to 15mm.


Description | High Shredding Capacity SMBZ2 Heavy Duty CD Shredder:

The Heavy Duty CD Shredder is the best shredder to large shredding sensitive and confidential CDs at a comfortable workplace.

SMBZ2 Shredder Performance: Shredding Speed low, low noise, low consumption power.

Quality of SMBZ2 CD Shredder: We provide a guarantee of our shredders, Easy to understand and Controls – switch for On/Off and reverse function for safety and performance, Trouble-free operation with installed wheels to shift one location to another location, low maintenance cost.

Operate: Designed Easy operation without face any complications while shredding. Large Feeding Capacity.

Per day shredding capacity: 1000kgs, shred with jam-proof shredder without any horrible noise during operation.

Shredding Bin Capacity 100 litres.

Feeding Time: Run 24 hrs Continuously.

Shafts: High Strength, High Quality

We do not use any single plastic part to manufacture our Heavy-Duty CD Shredder.

This Shredder can Easily Deal With (Can Shred):

CDs | DVDs | HD DVD | Blu-ray | Debit Card | Smart Card | Prepaid Card | Memory Card | CD’s | Floppy Disc | Pen Drive | International Credit Card | Office paper | Cheques | Ledger | Laminated Papers etc. Converting them into 10 to 15mm. Best security standard CD shredder, which is enough for normal office requirements.

You can get shredder at your location soon as per our delivery term, as per your requirement in just short sale process away.


Offer Price:

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