Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder SMBZ7

Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder SMBZ7


  • Waste bin capacity: 150 litres
  • Cutting capacity (Per day): 2500 kgs, * Net Weight: 530 kgs,
  • Unit Size (L x W x H cm) : 155 x 120 x 130
  • Shredding Noise/Speed: Low, Security Level: High
  • Shredder Quality: Best Quality
  • Designed for easy operation, *Trouble-free operation

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Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder SMBZ7Price


Double shaft shredder SMBZ7
Motor Siemens
Power 7.5hp
Voltage 430V/50Hz
Throat Width (mm) 610
Blade Diameter 160mm
Equipment Dimensions L*W*H(cm) 155X120X130
Equipment Weight 530Kg
Final Product 10-15mm
Cutting capacity (Per day) 2500kgs
Duty cycle (on / off) Continuous 24Hours
Waste bin capacity 150 ltrs


Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder | High Shredding Capacity | Features:

This is the best shredder machine to shred easily high volume sensitive and confidential Debit Card, Smart Card, Charge Card, Secured Card, Cash Card, Travel Card, Supplementary or Add-on Card, International Credit Card, Co-Branded Card, Affinity Cards at the comfortable workplace.

Shredder Performance: Shredding Speed Slow, low noise, power-saving.

Qualities: We provide a guarantee of our shredders with installed wheels to easy to shift one to other places, low maintenance cost.

Operate Designed Easy operation (Shredding) without any complications.

Easy to understand and use controls – switch for On/Off and reverse function

High Feeding Capacity, Auto-reverse function for safety and performance, Trouble-free operation.

Automatic reverse and restart in case of overload.

Low consumption electric motor.

Shredding Capacity: 2500kgs (Per Day).

Waste bin capacity: 150 litres.

Shredding Run Time: Continuous run 24 hrs without a rest.

Shafts: High Strength, High Quality

We do not use any single plastic part to manufacture our shredder.

Product Overview:

The SMBZ7 Credit Card Shredding Machine is an ideal choice for organizational, Industrial, Banks, Insurance Sector, Malls, Hospitals and Offices use where a high amount of Credit Card shredding is required.

The Shredder will confidentially destroy 30-60 cards at one pass. Output Cut size 10-15mm.

Description | High Shredding Capacity:

SMBZ7 Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder features include:

  • Easy-to-use control panel with push buttons for forward, stop and reverse
  • Safety lock and key, and emergency stop button
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Shredding noise
  • Weight 530kgs.

Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder Easily Deal With (Can Shred):

Debit Card | Smart Card | Charge Card | Secured Card | Cash Card | Travel Card | Supplementary or Add-on Card | International Credit Card | Co-Branded Card | Affinity Cards | Prepaid Card | Memory Card | CD’s | Floppy Disc | Pen Drive | Documents | converting them into 10 to 15mm Cut in a matter of time. This shredding ability makes it low noise, high-security standard shredder, which is enough for normal office requirements.

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Shredder Price:

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Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder Machine Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder Heavy Duty Credit Card Shredder

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