intimus DIS 300/600

Powerful disintegrator with sound-insulated feed slot for cutter | Optimum cutting capacity thanks to robust, low-wear blades made of hardened special steel and the powerful, thermally protected geared motor with fully automatic star-delta start-up | Thanks to working width of 600 mm suitable for conventional EDP formats | Easily processes large quantities of plastic data carriers

  • Manual On/Off switch
  • Security level can be changed in minutes via screen
  • Blades can be easily replaced and resharpened many times


Working width (mm): 600 mm
DIN paper size: A1
Throughput in DIN 32 757 level 3: 750 kg/h
Throughput in DIN 32 757 level 4: 530 kg/h
Throughput in DIN 32 757 level 5: 450 kg/h
Throughput in NSA 02-02 (level 6): 350 kg/h
Motor output: 22 kW
Supply voltage (Volt): 400 Volt
Noise level: > 80 db(A)
Width (cm): 129 cm
Depth (cm): 127 cm
Height (cm): 206 cm
Diameter suction nozzle: 120 mm
Weight gross (kg): 1950 kg
Weight net (kg): 1550 kg

shreds paperclips shreds CDs shreds credit cards shreds floppy disks 3.5 inch


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